Paul Lowe’s Almond Buns

Paul Lowe's almond buns (from his new book Eat & Make) - photos by hungry brownie

I made these amazing almond buns from Paul Lowe’s new book (Sweet Paul Eat and Make: Charming Recipes and Kitchen Crafts You Will Love) while my husband was away for a work trip in Corning, NY – the land of Corningware! I fell in love with this book the minute I saw it at a bookstore while camping at Orca’s island.  The gorgeous photography on the cover and a sweet photo of Paul and his adorable pup, Lestat, made me grab the book at once and take it home with me.  … 

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Pan fried tofu with teriyaki sauce

This recipe for pan fried tofu with teriyaki sauce is starting to become a favorite tofu recipe of mine! … aside from the tofu and pork rice bowl recipe I have been using if I have my mind set on having tofu for dinner.  I am a huge fan of m.e.a.t, and tofu will probably… 

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Rosemary chicken salad sandwich

In the Philippines, three of the most popular sandwich spreads are: egg, tuna and chicken.  We always have them on a picnic or road trips, because they are so easy to make and super tasty.  My mom’s chicken or tuna sandwich recipe is simple – combine shredded chicken with onions and mayonnaise, and you’re all… 

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Nutella banana lumpia (egg roll)

Apparently I am still high on that Filipino street food I had last Monday… and now I am having a turon-inspired Nutella banana lumpia (egg roll).  When talking about street food in the Philippines, turon (too-ron) or banana lumpia will probably make the cut.  Turon?… is sweet! It is made with sliced bananas (preferably saba),  thinly… 

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Eating out: “Food and sh*t” June Pop-up

Forgive me for swearing, but you know how it is when you say “this is the sh*t” and it actually meant something really really good? That’s exactly how I felt when I went to try Food and sh*t’s monthly pop-up last Monday.   Food and sh*t is a Filipino food pop-up event every 3rd Monday… 

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Chocolate zucchini cake (no butter)

I was hesitant at first – but I went ahead and bought zucchinis at the supermarket to make this chocolate zucchini cake.   Sorry but this would be my very first attempt on a chocolate cake – with zucchinis.   Maybe the word chocolate got me going.  I have this insane addiction to Goldilock’s chocolate… 

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Peanut butter blondies

These peanut butter blondies are a nice change from chocolate-y desserts I’ve been stuffing myself these days.  Don’t get me wrong, chocolates have been a lifesaver for me during lonely days, but sometimes you just have to put aside the brownie and have something else – like these blondies I have here.  I was having… 

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Sticky chicken skewers (to celebrate Philippines Independence day!)

I am a huge fan of food on skewers.  To me they are sort of like a treat that you get on a stick without having to worry about sharing.  In the Philippines,  my mom used to prepare for Sunday lunch by marinading pork pieces the night before, then I get to help her thread… 

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S’mores dip: A camping treat without the campfire pit

   I hate to admit it but I am new to this wonderful world of s’mores.  It’s not that we don’t have marshmallows and graham crackers in the Philippines, but when one would say “graham crackers”, I would immediately think about Filipino’s refrigerator cake.  Another reason is my family didn’t really do a lot of… 

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Brunch pizza with egg, sausage and caramelized onions

Brunch pizza with egg, sausage and caramelized onions

My husband and I have been talking about camping at Orca’s island right after we started getting glimpses of sunny days here in Seattle.  Then just last week, my husband reserved a camping spot for the weekend! The good side? camping spots were almost full but we managed to grab a nice spot near the… 

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Photo Journal: A memorable weekend with my Mom

  My mom came to visit us last weekend and it was nothing but fun trips to some our favorite places to eat.  She came at a perfect time too because the days were bright and warm, and absolutely perfect to show mom around Seattle. Here some of the places (and food!) we went to: