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Soft-center Chocolate espresso cakes

August 12, 2014

 Soft-center chocolate espresso cakes -

 I still cannot get over these blueberry muffins with crumb topping I made last week.  I grab one before heading out in the morning, and they always taste fresh like they were just out of the oven.  I am kinda sad that they’re gone now, but I can always make them again anytime I want! 

With my muffin tin still out, I was on the hunt for recipes that are easy and worth it for an early grab-and-go breakfast foods.  These soft-center chocolate espresso cakes are exactly that – especially if your morning is on the sweeter side.   They have soft centers when served warm, but once at room temperature they are almost dense and fudge-like.   You can dress them up by serving with ice cream or whipped cream, but I honestly think they are perfect as it is! 

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Vietnamese iced coffee (Cà Phê Sữa Đá)

March 18, 2013

Vietnamese iced coffee

Living in Seattle for me meant that I can choose from a lot of independent coffee shops within my walking reach, grab a cup of latte and enjoy the rain.  But most of the time I just make my own cup with my favorite instant coffee – Nescafe Brown N’ Creamy from the Philippines.   I do love my coffee creamy and sweet – thanks to my parents and my sweet tooth.  So when my husband told me is going to Vietnam for a business trip, I only asked that he bring me home a Starbucks collection mug from his trip to add to my city collection.  He came home a few days later with my request – plus a lot more! read more