S’mores dip: A camping treat without the campfire pit

 Indoor S'mores Dip - A camping treat without the campfire pit! (www.hungrybrownie.com)

 I hate to admit it but I am new to this wonderful world of s’mores.  It’s not that we don’t have marshmallows and graham crackers in the Philippines, but when one would say “graham crackers”, I would immediately think about Filipino’s refrigerator cake.  Another reason is my family didn’t really do a lot of camping, which I believe where s’mores are most famous for.  The very first time I had s’mores was during my very first camping trip since moving to the Pacific Northwest four years ago.  My husband taught me how to lightly roast the marshmallow and sandwich it between graham crackers with chocolate.  It was a piece of heaven!

Indoor S'mores Dip - A camping treat without the campfire pit! (www.hungrybrownie.com)

This recipe for S’mores dip is a good alternative to traditional s’mores-making without making use of the campfire.  I used my 6-inch cast iron skillet but any baking dish would work.  You can also use a favorite chocolate bar or even peanut butter cups.  Just be careful of the skillet once it’s out of the oven – it will be hot! It got me once but thankfully it was nothing serious.  I guess I was just too excited to dip the graham crackers into the s’mores dip! When I first had this I thought it wouldn’t be the same as having it the traditional way, but trust me, it was just as good!

S'mores dip (no campfire needed)
Serves 2
A camping treat without the campfire pit!
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Prep Time
2 min
Cook Time
8 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
2 min
Cook Time
8 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 3/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips
  2. 8 large marshmallows; cut in half
  3. Graham crackers for dipping
  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees F.
  2. In a small cast iron skillet, put chocolate chips in an even layer.
  3. Arrange the marshmallows on top of the chocolate.
  4. Bake in the oven for 6-8 minutes, until marshmallows are lightly browned.
  5. Remove from the oven and let stand for 5 minutes.
  6. Serve with graham crackers for dipping.
  1. Skillet will be hot!
  2. You may use mini marshmallows as an alternative.
Adapted from Taste of the South
Hungry brownie http://www.hungrybrownie.com/
 S'mores dip -  a camping treat without the campfire pit! (www.hungrybrownie.comS'mores dip (no campfire needed) at www. hungrybrownie.com


    • Joanne says

      I’m a “good to the last lick” when it comes to chocolate, hate to waste even the smallest amount. This will make enjoying this yummy treat so easy!!! Thank you!!! Here is what I am wondering will eliminate the leftover chocolate left on the baking dish….crumble graham cracker and make crumbs as a first layer before the chocolate. Leftover chocolate will be in the crumbs! Just a thought!!

      • says

        True thrifty chocolate lovers think alike. Reading recipe, immediately I pictured butter melting on cast iron. Whisk with a fork: 1 – 2 T. melted butter into 1 c. graham cracker crumbs, lightly press into skillet as a crust. Butter will keep the cracker crumbs from scorching, may be able to transfer to serving dish that won’t burn your lap. No chocolate is wasted; 1-handed clean-up no problem (one hand could be occupied dipping graham crackers for a while). Thanks for the great idea.

  1. says

    My chocolate didn’t melt too well and I didn’t want my marshmallows to burn I think next time I need to add them after the chocolate melts a bit.

    • says

      Hi Katelyn!

      I’m sorry your chocolate chips didn’t melt too well, but thanks for the tip on baking the chocolates first! Let me know if that worked for you. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Kelly says

        Same problem, I had to use a glass dish as that was all I had. Maybe without the iron skillet you need to cook the chocolate a bit first then add marshmallows? I’ll definitely be trying that next time because we still ate them with just soft chocolate and it was so yummy :-)

        • says

          I am thinking if you preheat your iron skillet in the oven before you put in the chocolate chips, it would help them melt easier and fast enough that your marshmallows won’t burn! My family is definitely going to try this!

          • says

            I heated the skillet on the stove briefly, then added the chocolate. (I had Hershey bars so arranged those on the bottom; since my iron skillet is square it wasn’t too hard.) You could see the chocolate soften up, then I put the marshmallows on top.

  2. says

    Great idea! Will definitely be doing this. Traditional smores always seem like a ton of work for the end result. I will definitely try layering in some PB chips, or drizzling with a fruit sauce or something to add some interest.

  3. Peg says

    I am trying this tonight. I read the comment about using mini marshmallows, but I think the large ones are crucial to my perception of the s’mores I had as a child.

  4. Crystal says

    I think I want to do this with Hershey bars just to make it a little more like the real thing.. do you think that would work?

    • says

      Hi Crystal! I haven’t tried it with Hersheys but that might work. Just make sure to chop your chocolate into smaller pieces, that will help with the melting and all. Let me know how it goes :)

      • Angela says

        Hershey bars broken up should melt more quickly than semi-sweet chocolate chips- should.If you’re using milk chocolate chips shouldn’t make much difference, but I’d still bet the bars would melt a little better.

        • Crystal says

          I decided on the hershey’s chips and it was delicious! I used my little le creuset iron skillet and put it in the toaster oven for about 5 minutes. PERFECT! Now my craving for s’mores in mid winter will not go unfulfilled :)

          • says

            Totally will try this sometime this summer with MILK CHOCOLATE! Life’s too short to be messing around with semi-sweet !!!

  5. Kim says

    Is a cast iron skillet absolutely necessary? I would think a ceramic baking dish, or even a pie plate would work equally well (marshmallows will still brown). I’m almost wondering if nuttella might be fun to try as well, but might get TOO soupy? But then – the graham crackers will be better dippers (won’t break as easily)…. something to think about! :)

    • says

      Hi Kim!

      I haven’t tried using a different dish but I’m sure it will work as well! The iron skillet just gives it that “camping” feeling and they heat so well. Hmmm.. Nutella sounds good! You might have to take it out of the oven sooner because Nutella is already melted enough, just get those marshmallows to brown. I might have to try this. Thanks for the suggestions! :)

  6. Christine says

    So just saw this post and went to the kitchen to make it seeing that we all were craving something sweet. I did tweak this a bit, I took 2 heaping spoonfuls of peanut butter and mixed it with white choch chips and choch chips. This was amazing the girls are loving it.

  7. Pat says

    If you want the Hershey Bar flavor, use mini Hershey Kisses that are made for baking.

  8. Patty W. says

    Do you need to spray or butter pan first so the chocolate doesn’t stick or burn? I’m going to try this tonight!

  9. Christina S. says

    If craving a smore and just want one serving, I roast a smore over my stovetop. I’ve used electric but gas has a flame so should be same. I turn my electric burner on high once burner is heated. I rotate the marshmallow about 1-1.5 inch away. Roasting takes about 3 minutes so total timeframe depends on how quick your burner heats up.

    • Jean says

      So glad to see someone else that uses the ‘kitchen range’ for making S’mores..lol Necessity is the mother of invention for sure.. Desperate matters call for desperate measures..;o)

    • Alana says

      We have made s’mores in the microwave. Place one graham cracker on a plate. Put chocolate chips on it, then a marshmellow on the top. Cook for only 15 to 20 seconds. The marshmellow will get very large, then shrink after cooking. Enjoy!

      • says

        I always make mine in the Microwave since I eat just 2 or 3 in one sitting but I use Hershey candy bars where I can break them into little sections. This last time I bought the chocolate I got candy kisses I want to try them, I know they will taste good I just want to see which are the easiest to use. I don’t bother with chocolate chips, why use a bunch of pieces of chocolate when you can use one larger piece.

  10. Valerie says

    We do s’mores in the microwave. Put a graham cracker on a paper plate. Put a marshmallow on the graham cracker. Hit the 30 second button. Watch marshmallow “grow.” Stop microwave when marshmallow gets big. Pull paper plate out of the microwave. After marshmallow shrink down, put some Hershey’s bar on the marshmallow and top with graham cracker. Tastes like the real thing!

  11. Sandra Hice says

    Excellent idea and especially to make during the winter when camping is done. Luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chriss says

      me too but I am anxious to try this new way, even though I don’t have a cast iron skillet

  12. Elsa Martin says

    We use our fireplace for making some;mores. Better lighting with little ones. My mother’s version….soda cracker, marshmallow in oven, top with chocolate and second soda cracker

  13. Carey says

    It doesn’t have to be in a cast iron skillet. We’ve done this for years in a regular pan lined with parchment paper. Clean up is a snap.

  14. says

    Just love the hijackers here…we all know there are OPTIONS. Thanks for yours Hungry Brownie it’s a keeper. I like the idea of putting crackers down before the chocolate to keep it from sticking to the pan No more roasting singles over the burners in the winter :)

  15. SL says

    Use parchment paper to line the skillet – no sticky, burned on marshmallow/chocolate mess to scrape off after baking.

  16. Doris Schmall says

    Do you think this could be adapted to use in a small crockpot? This would make a great snack to take along to a picnic!

  17. maria says

    I wonder if you could just butter the bottom of an iron skillet, place the graham crackers in it whole as much as possible, or in a glass pyrex dish so you don’t half to break them.Then place Hersheys bars cut to the right size, then your marshmellows on top..Then bake them like that.wouldn’t that be more like the real ones camping out, and be sized already.Can also add the second craham cracker on top before you serve it.

  18. says

    This looks amazing! I was also thinking that a hint of a layer of peanut butter would make it even better for the pb lover in me and my family!

  19. Ryan C. says

    i saw this and wanted to make it but i had choclate bars instead of chips gunna give it a go but anyone else try this?

  20. Ashley says

    Oh my goodness, wow! I just came across your recipe idea this morning…Love it!! My marshmallows are lonely, I just have to get my gluten free graham crackers & chocolate chips and I’m good to go. This is so great. Thanks so much for sharing this. I’ve just subbed to your blog. Take care & all the best!

  21. Carly says

    My family and I love this recipe! Instead of just chocolate chips, we buy the mixed bag with peanut butter and chocolate chips. We also use the throw away tin pie pans so that you don’t have to dirty any dishes!


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