Perfect Brownie Brittle Recipe: Crunchy, Tasty & Easy to Make

You love a good crunch, right? And when it’s paired with the fudgy richness of chocolate brownies, it’s even better! Well, get ready to experience the ultimate crunchy delight with the perfect brownie brittle recipe that we’re about to introduce to you. It’s a homemade recipe that gives you the best brownie brittle you could ever desire.

This recipe is the top-performing brownie brittle recipe out there, and it’s simple enough that anyone can make it. You won’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to create this tasty treat. In just a few easy steps, you’ll have the perfect brownie brittle that will satisfy all your sweet cravings.

Key Takeaways

  • The perfect brownie brittle recipe is easy to make at home and is considered the best brownie brittle recipe available.
  • It delivers a satisfying crunch and a rich chocolate flavor that will leave you wanting more.
  • You can enjoy this delicious treat while sticking to gluten-free dietary restrictions.

Easy Homemade Brownie Brittle Recipe

If you’re looking for a tasty treat that’s easy to make at home, look no further than this easy homemade brownie brittle recipe. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also gluten-free, making it a great choice for those with dietary restrictions.

To get started, preheat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, gather your ingredients:

Ingredients: Amount:
Unsalted butter 1/2 cup
Granulated sugar 1/2 cup
Unsweetened cocoa powder 1/3 cup
Vanilla extract 1 tsp.
Salt 1/4 tsp.
Egg whites 2
Rice flour 1/3 cup
Mini chocolate chips 1/3 cup

Melt the butter in a small saucepan over low heat, then remove from heat and whisk in the sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and salt. Add the egg whites and whisk until well combined. Add the rice flour and whisk until smooth. Fold in the mini chocolate chips.

Pour the batter onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and spread it out into a thin, even layer. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until the edges are crispy and browned.

Brownie Brittle

Remove from the oven and let cool completely on the baking sheet. Once cooled, break the brittle into small pieces and enjoy!

Irresistibly Tasty Fudgy Brownie Brittle

Get ready to indulge in a treat that’s not only crunchy but also fudgy and chocolatey. This brownie brittle recipe is the perfect combination of crispy and chewy, making it a delightful snack for any occasion.

With its rich chocolate flavor and fudgy texture, this brownie brittle is sure to satisfy even the most intense chocolate cravings. Whether you prefer it straight-up or with some added chocolate chips, this recipe is perfect for you.

Variations Description
Chocolate Brownie Brittle If you can’t get enough chocolate, adding cocoa powder to the mix will give you a double chocolate treat.
Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle If you love the combination of chocolate and crunch, adding chocolate chips to the batter will give you the perfect balance of both.

Whether you make it plain or with a twist, this fudgy brownie brittle is an irresistible snack that you won’t be able to resist.

fudgy brownie brittle

Crunchy and Crispy Brownie Brittle

One of the defining characteristics of the perfect brownie brittle recipe is its crunchiness and crispiness. Achieving this texture can be a challenge, but with the right technique and ingredients, you can nail it every time.

To ensure your brownie brittle is crunchy and crispy, be sure to spread the batter thinly and evenly on your baking sheet. If it’s too thick, it may not crisp up properly. Additionally, be sure to bake it for the right amount of time; over-baking can result in burnt brittle, while under-baking may leave your brittle too soft.

Another tip to achieve the perfect texture is to use a combination of chocolate chips and nuts. The chocolate chips provide a rich, chocolatey flavor while the nuts add a satisfying crunch.

crunchy brownie brittle

With these simple tips, you can enjoy deliciously crunchy and crispy brownie brittle any time. Plus, with the quick and easy recipe, you won’t have to wait long before indulging in this satisfying treat.


Now that you know how to make the perfect brownie brittle at home, it’s time to get to baking! With its crunchy and crispy texture, rich chocolate flavor, and simple ingredients, this recipe is sure to impress your friends and family.

Whether you choose to make the fudgy version or add some chocolate chips for extra sweetness, this recipe is versatile and can be tailored to your preferences. Plus, it’s gluten-free, making it a great option for those with dietary restrictions.

With just a few steps and some patience, you’ll have a delicious and satisfying snack that’s perfect for any occasion. So go ahead and try out this recipe today, and enjoy the crunchy and tasty goodness of homemade brownie brittle!


Q: What makes this brownie brittle recipe perfect?

A: This brownie brittle recipe is considered perfect because it is crunchy, tasty, and easy to make at home.

Q: Is this brownie brittle recipe easy to make?

A: Yes, this recipe is incredibly easy to make. We provide a step-by-step guide to ensure success in your homemade brownie brittle.

Q: Is this brownie brittle recipe gluten-free?

A: Yes, this recipe is gluten-free, making it suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions.

Q: How does this brownie brittle taste?

A: This brownie brittle is irresistibly tasty with its fudgy texture and rich chocolate flavor. You can also try variations like chocolate chip brownie brittle for added deliciousness.

Q: How crunchy and crispy is this brownie brittle?

A: This brownie brittle achieves the perfect crunchiness and crispiness. We provide tips on how to ensure the desired texture so you can enjoy a satisfying treat.